Accent Inclusive: The Mission

The Mission

To connect accented English speakers with native English speakers in a safe environment for mutual conversational skills. 

Accent Inclusive: The Vision

The Vision

To eliminate communication barriers between native English speakers and accented English speakers.

Accent Inclusive

If you speak with a foreign accent, what is the formula for being understood when you speak? Change your accent? No! When you first learned the English language, your teachers focused on grammar and vocabulary- the English language structure or the letter of the language.  Unfortunately, formal English lessons do not cater to the needs of adults who speak with an accent because it’s almost impossible to learn English stress by studying it. Instead, you learn it by repeating the exact way native speakers use it. Here, at Accent Inclusive (AI), we believe that informal human interaction and shadowing are the ways to achieve more intelligible speech. In a friendly, conversational-type model, you and your buddy will explicitly practice the repetition of lines surrounding trending topics while learning the stress, pronunciation, rhythms, and intonations of the English language.

Accent Inclusive focuses on English accents. We focus on the aspect of English that gets overlooked in the classroom for non-native English speakers. On our platform, we understand that having a foreign accent shows that we speak a second language. We focus on embracing our strengths as dual-language speakers, but we also want to speak clearly. We learn how to communicate with clarity. Accent Inclusive is a relaxed, conversational learning platform. A friendly buddy-pairing platform where people appreciate their diversities, learn from each other without judgment, and bring awareness to the silent judgment and challenges people who speak English with foreign accents face in their day-to-day lives.

The Team

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