Do you speak English with a foreign accent?

English is the most understood language all over the world. (Szmigiera, 2021) Be it an isolated island in the middle of an ocean or a developed nation like the United States, English is the language most people adopt when communicating with people of foreign identities. So, whether you are a student looking to get a scholarship in a native English-speaking country or a business executive looking to develop opportunities for expanding your business, your English accent needs to be understood fluidly. Regardless of your in-depth knowledge of different vocabulary and grammar, you may not be comprehensible if you speak English with your first language specificities. Spoken English has some elements that non-native speakers usually lack as they speak. The ability to incorporate the rhythm, the intonation, the flow, and pronunciation are the components of the English accent that makes the language easy to understand. Speaking English with your accent doesn't have to be a hindrance in your workplace or wherever you find yourself, provided you can communicate your message effectively. And what better way to do that than leverage Accent Inclusive, a platform that teaches people with accented English how to speak with clarity.

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At Accent Inclusive, we help eliminate communication barriers between native English speakers and accented English speakers by offering the latter live video lectures designed to improve their communication skills. And since communication is a two-way street, we invite native English speakers to improve their listening skills as they interact more with a variety of accents. Rather than work towards suppressing your cherished accent, we'll teach you how to speak English with your accent. To do this, we'll connect you with an authentic Native English speaker (via video conversation and shadowing) who will show you how to mimic the correct speech pattern, in a friendly and safe setting to foster assimilation.

Sometimes, the frustration of speaking and not being understood may compel you to consider changing your profession or your personality. For example, the frequent "I beg your pardon," "Sorry, what did you just say?" Or the weird "what is he/she saying look" people give you when you speak may make you consider not speaking in public. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sofia Vergara, Arianna Huffington, and a host of others have experienced the same.

Like everyone else, you desire to communicate fluently. Welcome to Accent Inclusive where your accent doesn’t have to get in the way. Besides learning the elements of spoken English, our experienced and friendly communication buddies will expose you to the important gestures and body language used to convey information while speaking. Browse through thousands of native English-speaking instructors and select the one who matches your budget. We have instructors for every English accent, be it American, British, or Canadian.

Accent Inclusive: Foreign accent

Communicate With Confidence

Your accent is only a hindrance to communication if people can’t understand you. Convey your message meaningfully and draw your listener in!

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Know freedom! Freedom is owning your unique identify. If you speak with a foreign accent, it is only because you speak another language!

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Speak to be understood. Speak with any means of communication available to you: words, gestures, body language and even silence.

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